We offer a comprehensive range of programs that center around three pillars: youth engagement, expanding thought leadership, and facilitating genetic preservation & expansion.


To provide a broad framework for sustainability and growth programs for those currently involved in the industry as well as positive development of the future generations.


Importantly, our work leads to concrete results – including poverty alleviation, new market opportunities, greater youth involvement, increased investments in small ruminants, and deeper consumer understanding of the importance of small ruminant production.


1. Optimism – We firmly believe that we are in unique position to promote small ruminants and their production to the present and future generations of the industry both domestically and abroad.

2. Collaboration – We recognize that our resources and abilities are specific and that the greatest impact will be achieved when we work with others.


3. Trust – We take full responsibility that all foundation support will be put to good use.

4. Integrity – Committed to the highest ethical standards and transparency.